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Considering applicant's skill sets / work experience / training; there have 3 category labors

1- general labor - helpers / agriculture labors  etc.,(with or  without work experience) 

2- semi skilled - some work experienced but do not have a professional training in the same field

3- skilled labor -  well work experienced and have got short term (3 months to 1 year) professional  training in the same field..

​4- Home care workers- home nurses (ANM level), house maids, house cooks, house drivers   etc.,  

Internship- (for students)is a period of supervised training required for qualifying a profession / course. Here TheJob Abroad Solution  assists meritorious*  management / business (MBA/ PGDM) and all engineering students to avail overseas internship., especially in Australia, Canada, US, Europe, Japan and Middle East 

Trainee-ship /apprenticeship - We assist fresh meritorious pass outs / fresh graduates for trainee job placement abroad . All engineers, management / business /hotel graduates.

Are you a pursuing professional student or just pass out fresher and   looking internship / trainee ship abroad opportunity? 

Professional is a person  formally graduated by a professional body belonging to a profession by virtue of having completed required course of studies, here professional graduation like B.Tech / MBA /PGDM etc., all managers, engineers, executives, officers, office admin jobssupervisors, hospitality / hotel professionals, accountants etc., A person with a professional 3 plus year diploma / degree / p.g and min. 2- 3 plus years good work experienced can apply/ register  here to find a professional job employment @abroad. Are you a qualified professional; looking a job abroad and free working visa?

Skilled worker - is worker who has got special skill and ability in their work. Here all ITI / ITC /NCVT trade holders with min. 1 plus year good work experience considered skilled worker. 

Engineering technician- is all 3 year Diploma / polytechnic diploma holders with min. 1 plus year good work experience considered engineering technician.. Are you looking skilled worker or engineering technician job abroad;

Nursing Assistants (CNA) / Personal Care workers non registered and non IELTS  category care assistants (GNM/BSc who have no got IELTS 7+, can apply for this), and home health care assistants etc., this is applicable to Canada and some European countries   

Why TheJob Abroad Solution? ...simply to get a hassles free job offer, employer nomination (arranged employment) from Canada, Australia, Europe and easiest way to apply for employer sponsored (mean job assured) immigration and PR Visa!

Yearly recruiters (including regional companies,  temporary staffing companies, labor contractors, international job agencies ) from developed countries; mainly from Australia, Canada  and some European countries ;  demanding 3- 5  lac (3,00,000 to 5,00,000) plus work force; including labors, skilled workers, professionals, trainees etc., from Asian sector itself;  In this 5 lac jobs, above 60% are labor, semi skilled and skilled worker category jobs and  mostly temporary  jobs (i.e. 1 to 4 years contract agreement basis) and another 40% long term working visa and PR category, mainly to Canada and Australia.   Another true fact,  now a day developed countries, including traditional PR countries - like Canada, Australia, NZ, US etc.,,  encourage need based recruitment direct by employer and encourage employers, mainly regional employers, to sponsor (recruit) foreigners direct temporary and long term basis.

Mean nowadays traditional general / federal immigration is not in priority processing, while employer sponsored immigration is in priority processing. Yes, in the case of Canada, various PNPs and Quebec special stream are in top priority processing when there is a ready employer nomination and in the case of Australia RSMS-187, ENS 186 and 457, all are employer sponsoring schemes, are in top priority processing  than old general settlement option. Yes, yearly 2 - 3 lac (2,00,000 to 3,00,000) plus employer sponsored (mean job offered) temporary agreement job  openings and 1 - 2 lac (1,00,000 to 2,00,000) employer, especially regional employer, sponsored long term / PR category job openings available in developed economies )mainly in Canada and Australia) for Asians.

Considering India as the only one skilled youth hub in world, minimum 50-60% of this 3 - 5 lac temporary and long term employment openings should be in favor of India; but now not like.  Main reason is - knowing the fact that 60-70% temporary jobs and employer nominations (from developed countries) coming through existing employees, temporary staffing agencies and labor contractors located in concerned countries-  no specialized employment agencies India to manage / exploit the situation, mean to arrange employer nomination.  Here TheJob Abroad Solution represent 70+ overseas located temporary staffing agencies and labor contractors and now the strong NRI & PIO network of PROCER AGENCY,  and helps Indian immigrants to get an easy job offer (employer sponsorship) and overseas employers to source employees / verified profiles from India. This will help 15000 plus Indians to get in temporary agreement jobs and 100s to get direct employer sponsorship from Canada and Australia; and  to apply direct for employer sponsored job assured immigration and PR visa easily,  to developed countries, mainly Canada and Australia and they can easily convert to PR !! No more agencies in India.  

Expected potential and beneficiaries:- Nowadays Canada and Australia purposefully encourage their regional employers to sponsor (recruit) skilled foreigners basis of need and this direct employer sponsored immigration visa is enjoying high priority in processing and no need to meet complicated / tough formalities. So, if you are looking a PR / permanent settlement opportunity in Canada or Australia  or Europe, apply now for employer nomination first, it is the easiest and smartest way to immigrate to Canada or Australia easily, with assured job and family in hand.          
Important declaration;-TheJob Abroad Solution is not at all a direct recruiting / visa service agency; that is why? We not bear a PGE registration and we not required that registration for our present activity. We are authorized (by overseas employers and staffing agencies and now by PROCER AGENCY network ) employer direct recruitment support service (including Canada employer nomination) ; and to collect, verify the profiles of India based job abroad seekers, especially immigrants who looking employer nomination and sponsorship to apply for employer sponsored immigration PR visa processing ; and to job certify; to assess applicant's education, experience, language skills and reference, so to facilitate international direct recruiters / employers / labor contractors / staffing agencies to absorb and or sponsor direct with confidence . As you know, Hiring process, especially in employer nominated / agreement job recruiting, to companies, staffing agencies and labor contractors is on-going 24x7x360 process; mean throughout the year they recruit / absorb staffs; So, TheJob Abroad Solution like agency's duty is collect verified profiles of India (Asia) based job abroad seekers, and make job certification; (total assessment of applicant's education, work experience, language skills and back ground) to assure ready availability to recruiters and international employers as per demand. Remind, TheJob Abroad Solution is not at all a resume blasting agency also. See / read website disclaimer. As you know to select a right fit candidate, almost 10 to 25 profiles will check by an overseas employer; Here we work for our associates only. This is Japan origin HR enterprise; works/ function in India franchise associate basis. 

What kind of job employment abroad and recruiting services you looking for?

And are these your job conditions that (1) Find a job placement should be in anyone developed country, like Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ etc., (2) job should be under valid contract (agreement) with assurance of job in hand on arrival there and working visa should be free of cost (3) the Job and remuneration package must be matching to your profile and skill (4) there should not be any misguiding mediator and big advance requirement and (5) should have a proper (legal) employer – employee job agreement before departure.  If yes, TheJob Abroad Solution - the first overseas employment agency and recruiting services from India, with specialization in international employer nomination, agreement job and  working visa processing, surely can find a job and working visa for you. 

​TheJob Abroad Solution is the first specialist international employment agency and recruiting services provider from India; offering direct recruiting solutions to 1000s of overseas located recruiters; by providing verified and job certified profiles of India based job  abroad seekers; so, overseas located recruiters, including companies, temporary staffing agencies, labor contractors can direct recruit Indian work force, throughout the year, satisfying their own hiring systems and procedures fully. 

TheJob Abroad Solution started function in India, as an associate of Japan origin innovative HR recruiting service enterprise who is leader in international temporary work visa processing field, with 10+ years experience and employer service offices in 5 developed countries, and deals 30K job placements annually.  And 100s of recruiters from 15 plus developed countries, including Australia, Canada, 10+ European union countries, US, Japan depend our recruiting services through out the year; for double checked and certified job profiles, and  to make their hiring direct and accurate. Ours is a unique, trustworthy and authorized (by 100s of Intl. recruiters) direct recruiting support service from India, channelizing maximum Indian work force to overseas developed countries!.  Mean yearly 15000 plus Indian professionals, Engineers, managers, skilled workers, labors and trainees shall get  contract  (agreement) job and working visa, almost free of cost. Our Uniqueness is we not collect  / receive even one rupee from applicants as compulsory upfront up to getting confirmed work visa. Our fee is 100% success fee. 

​Why? Remind, many overseas recruiters, mainly labor contractors and international temporary staffing agencies from Canada, Australia, Europe, US, especially who hire through-out the year for their clients, do not advertise the requirement timely; but they depend and collect job certified profiles from authenticated profile service agencies, like TheJob Abroad Solution.  It is a fact 30-45% employers in developed countries could not find talented workers. Yes, talented workers requirement is very high. Nowadays 90% companies from developed countries prefer to manage their hiring process direct; and TheJob Abroad Solution like agencies support this direct absorbing process; it is the most reliable and hassle free recruitment option to overseas employers and Indian employees; to assure top accuracy in selection, help to eliminate unwanted mediation and to avoid big expense.  TheJob Abroad Solution is not a PGE registered recruitment agency; but a popular recruiting support arm to support overseas located recruiters, in each and every steps; to manage their direct recruiting process from India and Asia..   
The JobAbroad Solution specialist employment agency offering recruiting services that helps 10000s to find a job and working visa in USA, Canada., Australia., European countries; offer accurate staffing solutions to overseas recruiters to hire Indian skilled workers direct from India. We are specialist recruiting services to find International agreement Jobs and Contract Working Visa in India; . The Job Abroad Solution is pioneer employment agency from India to find a job and working visa for you. This employment agency helps Indian skilled workers, labors, trainees  and professionals to find a job employment and free of cost contract working visa from USA, Canada., Australia., European countries.,  Indian Employment agency to Help overseas recruiters to hire direct from India.  Are you looking employment agency to find a job and direct job recruiting by employer? 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Ultimately we help 1000s to find overseas agreement job; in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan! 
Yearly 1000s overseas located recruiters (including labor contractors and staffing agencies) from advanced countries (US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan) absorb 5 lac (5,00,000) plus work force from Asian sector; including all category labors, skilled workers and professionals.  Among this 60-70% temporary contract (1 - 2- 4 years) type job and work visa category;. Mean per year 3 lac (3, 00,000) plus contract job openings in developed countries. There is good chance to get above 50% of this gold mine to Indians; as India the only one skilled youth hub in the world, but now not. Many Indians not aware about these job openings; and many Indians, especially qualified youths, attaching to complicated PR / migration schemes first than contract job offer. 90% don’t know the importance and influence of a contract (agreement) job experience in PR application

Compare the benefits of employer sponsored agreement job Vs. General immigration scheme
​Contract jobs (if direct from employers) are non expensiv
e / least expensive comparing to all high cost general PR / migration schemes.  Agreement (contract) job processing is not complicated (or least complicated) comparing tough and costly procedure of PR / general migration application process. No need high band IELTS / complicated trade registration process / tough consulate interviews in contract (agreement) job and work visa processing (if have any, employer will help to do!!), while PR / all migration schemes need high fixed band IELTS, many complicated and expensive registrations / assessments and have to face tough consulate interview procedures.  If employer sponsored agreement (contract) job, immigrant can land in overseas land with assured job and family in hand, while in general PR / migration have to search and find out one; it will take 6-12 months to find a matching job. Moreover once if reach in overseas land in employer nominated agreement job permit, it may easy to start your PR / migration processing and your  1 – 4 years Work / residence experience in concerned country allows added weightage / more points to PR processing.  So, even if you looking a PR / permanent settlement / migration , try an esay agreement job first. To get registration procedures; CLICK HERE and read well. and apply strictly as per.

TheJob Abroad Solution- International Job Employment Agency with Expertise in Direct Employer Sponsored Canada Job Recruiting Services in India; Assist to Find Employer Sponsored Agreement Jobs and Job Offers fromCanada and Australia;   

First read this note-then start.
Dear applicants, as being overseas linked agency- here job matching activities managing by overseas located HR experts and they believe in perfection, time saving, professionalism, and attitude, so this agency has very stringent system to collect / scrutinize and receive applications.  So, by uploading now and then that and this some documents or copies or a ready made resumes, we can’t do anything.  If no full set or not contain all required and relevant documents’ copies to prove skills or not seen a serious approach from applicants, they will reject in spot without a notice.  And most important thing, we see / watch applicant’s way of application submission, its perfection and professionalism, as the first source to evaluate and assess applicant.  So what?

If you are serious, First read application (registration) procedure page full twice well and decide is it good to you? Can you apply as per instructed way with all supporting documents? Do you have total 2 to 3 hours to use for this? Yes, we estimate 2 to 3 hours required to prepare and submit perfectly.  Then, if can, if can only, start registration process, otherwise don’t waste your valuable time (and ours also). Yes, first arrange all must required documents’ copies with you or in computer –
including anyone of these, Certificate Evaluation Report - CER from any US or Canada agency OR Skill Assessment Report from any Authorized Australian agency OR Atleast JOB CERTIFICATION REPORT (JCR) from Indian HR agency; then only start to fill up online application form. Maximum try to up load all required documents / copies along with online application form, so documents missing or mismatching chance will be reduced / avoided.  (Regarding CER / Skills Report / JCR, if you already prepared your report, upload along with other documents; otherwise order / apply for CER / Skills Report / JCR somewhere and give us that agency’s contact- i.e. no need to wait up to getting report -, so we will collect from that agency.  So, upload all other instructed documents / copies along with online form and give us your CER / Skill assessment Report / JCR agency’s contact – that is all.  

Our Strengths

TheJob Abroad Solution- is an international linked specialist employment agency and recruiting services in India. We are the only one authorized representative in India of 70+ internationally located temporary staffing agencies and labor contracting companies; Now we represent PROCER AGENCY which is a strong network of  NRIs and PIOs who work in the field of international employer nomination and our responsibility is to source (and fix) job certified – profile credibility double checked (mean applicant's education, experience, language skills and background should be assessed)-  employees , including professionals, engineers, managers, administrative staffs, office staffs, nursing care workers, skilled workers, technicians, all labors, trainees, for  these 70+ direct recruiters, mostly from Canada, 10+ European countries, Australia, US and Japan, who looking Indian work force to fill positions .  Each agency requires 50 to 1500 verified employees yearly from India, for them self and for their clients.  So, demand is so high and 15000 plus jobs yearly; if get good profiles.  

Our dealing is extra transparent and pucca; we do not demand / collect even one rupee as advance. No registration fee. We charge a very nominal service fee, after getting work visa stamping in passport; otherwise nothing.  Are you looking a decent job in abroad? Try us.  We also are looking agents from India and nearby countries, to collect good profiles. Assurance  or guarantee:- If applicant's profile is good, and you applied as per norms with all supporting documents, we can match a job offer and working visa offer for you; to any one developed country, in a span of 7 to 10 months, mean if your job profile is good, at any cost we will find a job abroad for you!! This is our guarantee to applicants.  Here our duty is sourcing and fixing (recruitment ready) employee for overseas employer; and recruitment documentation is direct by employer / candidate (this is not a POE agency to deal recruitment) 

What we do? We are pioneer employment agency offers sponsored job recruiting and recruiting services and do help your like overseas job (and PR) seekers to get Canadian and Australian employer nomination (mean job offer), and to apply for employer sponsored working visa and is the easiest, smartest and least expensive option to immigrate to Canada and Australia under PNPs and Quebec special stream (RSMS 187 and ENS 186 in the case of Australia), with assured job and family in hand. We are in search of 100s of nominees for Canadian and Australian regional employers.. Apply now.

Who we are? We are a international linked professional employment agency, specialized employer sponsored job recruiting and recruitment services i.e. in international agreement job and employer nomination processing.  TheJob Abroad Solution is a sister concern of INDGLOB AGRO JV, which is a prominent in agri business with presence in  3 countries.   We assist 100s to get employer nominations, for short term, long term and PR Visa. .

How we do? How we source employer nominations? We are the only one representative in India of 70+ international staffing agencies who looking Indian staffs for their clients; now we also work for PROCER AGENCY which is strong network of NRIs and PIOs and prominent agency in the field of Canadian and Australian regional employer nomination sourcing.  PROCER AGENCY's 1500 member team, almost all are working in regional areas of Canada and Australia, approaching Canadian and Australian employers - own employer, nearby employers and local job agencies to get job offers for skilled Indians, and also attend local job fairs...     This team can source 100s of nominations yearly. How we serve you? First assist to get an employer to nominate you, this is our core service, which is must and mandatory tool to apply for job assured employer sponsored PR; and after getting employer nomination, if need by joining with  a licensed CSIC Canada agent (or MARA agent in the case Australia)  / POE (MOIA) licensed agent in India we assist you to apply for Immigration visa.    

Beneficiaries:- Our service,  mainly "finding an employer to sponsor you" or "finding a job offer for you" is highly helpful and 100% result assured to people who looking job assured employer sponsored immigration (PR) visa to Canada and Australia. If you are looking job in hand family immigration (PR Visa) to Canada, this is the best option.   

How we stand out from others? there have 100s of immigration consultancies in India, but there is no one agency to help you to get an employer nomination (job offer) from Canada and Australia. Here we do help you to get an employer nomination. Moreover if applicant has all mandatory documents and reports with or if applicant can prepare all required documents and reports with helps of friends and relatives residing in Canada and Australia, nothing initial expense or nothing advance payment required. Agency fee 100% after joining job from first salary.    

​Declaration:- TheJob Abroad Solution is neither a direct visa agency nor a immigration consultancy (and we not come under POE / MOIA registration), but we are expert in finding Canadian and Australian employer nomination, which is must and mandatory tool to apply for employer sponsored PR visa. So if you are looking a direct visa agency, we are not.

Important Notice:-  First read this website / webpage full well and apply as per instructed. We explained application procedures and steps well in this website. 

International Temporary Agreement Job 

and Working Visa Section.

Now Not Receive New Applications in This Temporary Agreement Job Section. But You can apply Now for Canada / Australia Job offer or Employer Nomination and Employer Sponsored PR Visa Processing Now. Read More

We are in urgent search of following nominees for Canada.

(As part of direct employer sponsored job recruiting and recruiting services)

Administrative officers (1221)*

Executive Assistants (1222)*

​Banking, Insurance and other financial clerks (1434)*

Purchasing and inventory clerks (1474)*

Civil engineers (2131)*

Mechanical engineers (2132)*

Electrical and electronics engineers (2133)*

Chemical engineers (2134)*

Industrial and manufacturing engineers (2141)

​Computer engineers (2147)*

​Software engineers and designers (2173)*

​Information system analysts and consultants (2171)*

Computer programmers (2174)*

​Database analysts and data administrator (2172)*

Web designers and developers (2175)*

​Graphic designers (5241)*


Civil engineering technicians (2231)*

Mechanical engineering technicians (2232)*

​Industrial engineering and manufacturing technicians (2233)*

​Electrical and electronics engineering technicians (2241)*

Electronics service technicians (house holds and business equipment) (2242)*

​Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics (2243)*

​Aircraft instrument , electrical and avionics mechanics technicians (2244)*

Computer network technicians (2281)*

​System testing technicians (2283)*

​User support technicians (2282)*

​Registered nurses (3152)*

​Dental hygienists and dental therapists (3222)*

Medical laboratory technicians (3212)*

Dietitians and nutritionists (3132)

Nurse aide and patient care worker (3413)**

Assisting occupations in support of health services (3414)**

​Early childhood educators and assistants (4214)*

​Elementary school and kindergarten teachers (4142)*

​Secondary school teachers (4031)*

​Chefs (6241)* and Cooks (6242)*

​Food service supervisors (6212)*

Executive house keepers (6213)*

​Hosts and hostesses (6451)*

​Hotel front desk executives (6435)*

Hairstylists and barbers (6271)*

​Operators and attendants in amusement, recreation and sports centers ( 6671)*

​Sales representatives (6411)*

​Financial managers (0111)*

​Human resource managers (0112)*

​Restaurant and food service managers (0631)*

Accommodation service managers (0632)*

​Banking, credit and other investment managers (0122)*

Computer and information system managers (0213)*

Sales marketing and advertising managers (0611)*

​Retail trade managers (0621)*

​Accountants (1111)*

​Other administrative service managers (0114)

Truck drivers (7411)**

​Supervisors and machinists ( 7211)*

Contractors and supervisors, mechanics trade (7216)*

Contractors and supervisors, electrical trades and telecommunication ​(7212)*

Tool and die maker (7232)*

​Electricians (7241)*

Industrial electricians (7242)*

​Telecommunication line and cable workers (7245)*

​Plumbers (7251)*

​Welders and related machine operators (7265)*

​Heavy duty equipment mechanics (7312)*

​Heavy equipment operators (7421)*

Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics (7313)*

​Machine fitters (7316)*

​Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics, mechanical repairers (7321)**

​Structural metal and plate work fabricators and fitters (7263)*

Apply now for Canada Job Offer

it is the easiest option to apply for PR visa with assured job in hand!

Trades and Professions

Number of reported openings for 2014

*  15 - 25 

*  10 -15

*  05 -10 

Hurry up


​​+  Last date to submit applications:- March 15/ 2014  (but we have very limited number of requirements for 2024 in each branch, and we collect applications strictly as per  demand only, so may stop any time and will disappear that occupations from list, so apply fast)

+  Please read application procedures and FAQs well.

+  Please apply / submit documents strictly as per instructed (we will consider full set only)

​+  This option is suitable to applicants / immigrants who are ready to live and work in regional / sub urban areas and placement should be under agreement contract.

+  Our core service is arranging employment offer / employer nomination; and after that you can manage your visa application direct (this agency and employer will guide you); otherwise we will connect to CSIC / MARA / POE registered agency for visa application, as per your demand.  

Canada job Offer  full details, application procedures, faqs CLICK  HERE


We Collect Very Limited Number of Applications only in each Job category; Canada Program Close date will be 30/05/2014. So Apply as fast.  Australia program available up to 30/06/2014

We do not receive new applications in this temporary agreement job section now. But

Now  you can apply for Canada  / Australia Employer nomination and job offer, and PR Visa  

Australian jobs

TheJob Abroad SolutionMake Ease and Fast Your Australian Employer Sponsored Immigration Visa Processing.  

At present scenario, Employer Sponsorship is the smartest and easiest way to immigrate to Australia and Canada.  TheJob Abroad Solution pioneer in employer nomination processing assists proposed immigrants to get Employer Nomination, matching to your trade/ profession, so you can apply for your employer sponsored immigration visa successfully.

Finding employer sponsorship (i.e. arranged employment) from Australia and Canada is probably about 10 times harder than finding a job in our home country or Middle east, and to be successful in getting employer nomination from Australia (or Canada) have to work 10 times harder at it.  Here TheJob Abroad Solution in association with 70+ international staffing agencies and PROCER AGENCY (PROCER AGENCY is a team and network of more than 1500 working professionals, NRIs and PIOs, almost all located in regional Australia and Canada) help you to find an Australian (or Canadian) employer to sponsor you!  If your job profile matching to demand and If you are ready to live and work in regional Australia (and Canada), sure you will get Australian regional employer nomination and you can immigrate to Australia with assured job and family in hand.

As a true fact that 10000s of migrants with PR in hand searching matching jobs in metro cities of Australia and Canada, and 1000s of Regional employers (employers from less populated and fast developing regional areas of Australia and Canada) looking foreign employees.  Note: - if you are looking job in big metro cities of Australia or Canada, like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Toronto, Montreal etc.,  this offer no to you.  If you are OK to live and work (at-least agreement period, 3 year) in less populated fast developing regional areas, this offer to you.

Yes, nowadays Australia and Canada encourage regional employer initiating direct recruiting and employer sponsored immigration,  i.e.  RSMS – 187, ENS – 186 (both are employer sponsored PR) and 457 (working visa) are priority immigration schemes, and in Canada PNPs and Quebec special streams are popular.  Yes, are you looking easy, least expensive and job assured immigration to Canada or Australia?  Employer sponsoring (in Canada “arranged employment”)  visa option may best to you.  Please be reminded, that nowadays Australian and Canadian general immigration schemes (GSM and FSWP), have cap - mean absorb a pre-fixed very limited number of migrants yearly and give more preference to European/ native English immigrants than Indian and Asian immigrants..  So, regional wise employer sponsoring immigration visa options are best to Indian (and Asian) immigrants. 

ICT sales representatives

ICT business and system analysts

System analysts

Analyst programmer

Software engineers

Software tester

Database administrator

System administrator

Network administrators

Graphic designers

ICT support engineers

​Civil engineering professionals

Electronics engineer

Mining engineers

Mechanical engineers

Electrical engineers

Computer network and system engineers

Call or contact center managers

Sales and marketing managers

Café or restaurant managers

Child care center manager

Event organizers

Financial institution branch managers

Customer service managers

​Accommodation and hospitality managers

Registered nurse (Remote or Rural area)
Registered Nurse (aged care)
Registered nurse (child and family health)
Mother craft nurse 

Crane and hoist operators
Chemical plant operators
A/c and refrigeration mechanics
Automotive electricians
Motor mechanics (general)
Welder and fitters
Electrician (General)
Dress maker or tailor
Massage therapist
​Electronics and home appliance mechanics

Civil engineering technicians
Electrical engineering technicians
Electronic engineering technicians
​and mechanical engineering technicians

Early childhood (Pre-primary and primary) teachers

Sales representatives (industrial products) 

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